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GsmHub Version 2.91 released

Version 2.91 Change Log: -- Allow admin to blacklist imeis when placing order -- Option to reply files as code for server services from inventory -- Option added in admin edit server service to select the other currencies in which the credits are to be displayed when placing server order for that service.

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Gsmhub version 2.9 released

Change Log: -- Settings page for Admin dashboard to control the blocks to be shown for faster loading -- Shown client group in member listing page in admin with search -- Option to turn off telegram notification for the site -- Chimera verify user button shown when placing order for chimera API services as mandated by Chimera.

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Gsmhub Version 2.8 released

Version 2.8 -- Group name displayed in invoice listing page in admin -- Optimized the order listing page in admin -- Telegram : send single notification message for price update when price changed while synchronising API and issue fixes

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Gsmhub Version 2.792 released

Version 2.792 -- Order placed even if the whole imei/server service is disabled for a user from Telegram/API - fixed

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Gsmhub Version 2.791

Minor Bug fix release Version 2.791 -- Telegram shows Invalid API key - fixed -- Telegram settings shows error when no user - fixed -- Binance pay form shows error - fixed

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Gsmhub version 2.79 released

Issue in searching members with status filter - fixed Telegram notification sent when new services added or price changed Old price too sent in telegram notification for price change Displayed client group name in order listing page in admin Option added to deactivate multiple selected users in admin Site Pop up flash page with text from admin [Admin/CMS/Index popup ] Option to enable / disable payment gateway for selected multiple users Issue when deleting users - fixed

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Gsmhub Version 2.78 released

ChangeLog -- Remote service for server services -- Reset password for multiples users from admin -- Reconnect to API for server service -- Disconnect from API from API services page not working - fixed -- Set / Remove AutoUpdate Prices for multiple services from Api Service Listing page -- Option to enable / disable API for users. Option to disable API auto on signup -- Option to set the interval to fetch and sync prices for DHRU server services

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Webshop Version 1.9 released

Version release of 1.9 . Bug Fixing and features are added

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Gsmhub Version 2.77 Released

ChangeLog Admin - Member listing search options added. - Edit server service search option fixed Admin - Octopus API Other Minor bug fixes.

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GsmHub Version 2.76 released

ChangeLog Admin - Site News Bulk action not working - Fixed Admin - Option provided to use the old result as reject reason when rejecting orders from order listing page. Admin - Quick edit Service Group selected on loading is incorrect - fixed Inactive services are also listed - fixed Issue with activate only by admin for new registration - fixed

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Webshop Version 1.8 released

Version release of 1.8 . Bug Fixing and features are added

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GsmHub Version 2.75 released

ChangeLog -- Telegram bot changes. -- Api fixes

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GsmHub Version 2.74 released

ChangeLog: Issue with 2fa authentication login fixed Issue with css fixed in order list When connecting user account to telegram, got the username and password too. -ve profit shown in accepted order list, when purchased with service pack fixed

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Gsmhub Version 2.73 released

ChangeLog: Feature added in admin to add list of services as Promo Services. Promo Services shown in Place order page.

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Gsmhub version 2.721

Minor Bug Fix Release ChangeLog: Issue with OTP for some telegram users - Fixed

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GsmHub Version 2.72 released

OTP for login via email and telegram and issue fixes.

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GsmHuv Version 2.711 released

ChangeLog: -- FuriousGold server service api fixed -- Deleted service ids [imei/server] show error - fixed

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BinancePay Setttings

Steps to configure BinancePay Payment gateway.

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GsmHub Version 2.63 released

ChangeLog: -- Added option in admin to upload files / images and use the links to share. -- Knowledge Base article shown in place order page with a link to view it in full page. -- Option added in admin to receive daily user balance summary report in addition to the mail. -- Server Service Pack Module added, which allows to set the price for server services as Pack for users to purchase. -- UFI Dongle API added. -- Issue with changing the client name in admin - fixed.

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GsmHub Version 2.62 released

Change Log: When api deactivated, connected services also deactivated - fixed File calling direct shell causing issue removed Restricted server order submission to API when accepted order already exist for DHRU FB Share server service from Admin Telegram notifications changed to send via cron [need to add the cron job as shown]

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GsmHub Version 2.57 released

Change Log: Option added to Manage telegram bot users from Admin Option for users to disconnect from telegram bot Client group pricing error when site currency is not USD fixed Api IP Checking fixed

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GsmHub Version 2.55 released

Discounted users shown for the service incorrect - fixed When IMEI service price is changed, get struck for telegram notifications - fixed Client side notifications, issue fixed in search and shown only for the last 30 days

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Configuring Stripe to receive credit card payments

Steps to configure the Stripe Payment Gateway

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GsmHub Version 2.51 released

ChangeLog: -- Option to delete user created invoice from admin -- Issue in mass mail being struck - fixed -- Option to allow users to activate accout via telegram added -- Option to receive order results via telegram added

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GsmHub Version 2.5 released

Change Log -- Option to provide txn id while adding credits -- Paid Add-on: Coinbase Commerce payment gateway integration -- Option to manage the Service price notification mails -- Option to send telegram bot notification for services -- Option to hide individual imei services from non-members -- Option to hide all imei / file / server services from non-members -- Link to terms page in footer

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GsmHub Version 2.47 released

Version 2.47 released ChangeLog: -- Feature provided in admin to add and search notes on customers

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GsmHub Version 2.46 released

Change Log: -- Not able to edit offline payment gateway name - fixed -- Service fee for imei orders not shown to users - fixed -- Issue in add fund for offline payment gateway - fixed -- Option added to block PayPal payments from restricted email -- Option added to block PayPal payments with transaction id -- Option added to restrict the IPs from which the cron jobs are run.

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GsmHub Version 2.43 released

ChangeLog: -- shown user notes for payment gateway -- Option to allow only client group members to transfer fund -- fixed the profit shown in view order page in admin -- Isssue in Bulk verification of users fixed -- Shown custom field data in imei order listing page

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GsmHub Version 2.42 released

Change Log: Api added to connect to server services of gsmhub enabled sites. Available as Gsmhub Server+ in api settings page.

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GsmHub Version 2.41 released

Change log: New Payment gateway BitPay added as Paid add-on Missing option to delete reseller settings added Option to exclude services from being auto added from server service Configure from admin the Add fund item name shown in payment gateways Stats of orders placed via Telegram bot shown in admin dashboard page Fix for dhru custom field not synchronised.

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GsmHub Version 2.4 released

Change Log: -- New paid add-on telegram bot added. -- Support will renew from the date of renewal instead of from the previous expiry date. -- Synchronisation not works after support expiry changed -- Fixes for reseller store -- Server service fields validation rules can be set from admin

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Telegram Bot Setting

Steps for enabling telegram Bot. This is a paid add-on, make sure to purchase the add-on for your license. This allows to place orders through Telegram Bot.

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GsmHub Version 2.35 released

When new member record added with existing email, redirects to supplier - fixed Error shown when ticket is closed - fixed Duplicate order types shown for the server api - fixed

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Webshop Version 1.7 released

Change log: -- Fixed calculating payment gateway fee calculation -- Removed target blank for main category links -- Fixed search shipping api not working in edit sales -- Fixed mass mail issue -- Fixed undefined quantity range and price for variation change in product details page. -- Checked condition for disabling variant option -- Fixed mail layout issue -- Fixed set Auto price purchased cost issue for multiple

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GsmHub Version 2.32 released

User Account Verfication Module , PayPal auto approval option for each user, restrict server services to verified or client groups and others.

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GsmHub Version 2.31 released api integration and other bug fixes.

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GsmHub Version 2.30 released

New features added: -- Transfer fund option for users -- Bulk reject imei orders from order listing page. and other bug fixes.

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Webshop Version 1.6 released

Change log: -- Added opening categories link in new tab in header -- Fixed Mass mail alignment issue -- Fixed unequal product descrption grid layout -- Added Purchase log in Member Profile view in admin -- Added disabling variation options not available -- Option to show sender details for manual payment only if reuired option added -- Added subscriber option for mass mail -- DHL remote area sending fee calculation implemented in DHL and Kingtrans API -- For overdraft limit, if amount is less made partial payment option -- Added Delete all products option in Admin product list page.

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GsmHub Version 2.29 released

Option added to Restrict payment gateways for users. Add-on for database backup with option to store externally in google drive.

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GsmHub Version 2.28 released

Option to specify fee details for individual paypal receiver emails , New server service api with added and . Bug fixes

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Setting up PayPal IPN URL

To receive notifications, when transactions are cancelled or refunded in PayPal, and handle the same in the site, need to set the IPN URL as explained.

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Webshop Version 1.5 released

Bug Fixes and adding dynamic meta title, keyword, description for all pages in Admin.

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Webshop Version 1.4 released

Change log: -- Displayed All Categories in Top menu -- Implemented Set as Delivered in Admin Sales List and My Purchase in user side -- Disabled set image button after submitting for fixing multiple image assigning issue -- Implemented currency conversion fee for calculating exchange rate -- Displayed site profit after deducting staff amount -- Added Purchase cost to store in the purchased currency -- Added cron for updating exchange rate -- Added share button plugin -- Removed Address Line2 mandatory in Billing Address -- Different variation for same product in order not adding correctly issue fixed. -- Show corresponding image for each product variant in cart and order. -- Added shipping address Add / Edit in Admin Members edit profile -- Added Serial No search to add product in Admin sales -- Fixed shipping image not able to upload issue

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GsmHub Version 2.27 released

Change Log: Mandatory validation done for server order if service type available for the selected service. when user not logged in server service shows credit instead of range credit - fixed Returned 404 status when page is not found instead of 200 status Shown api supplier order code in view order page for imei us server service Fixed issues in the custom fields for server service Imei value trimmed before placing order New Paid Add-on Mercadopago Payment gateway released.

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Webshop Version 1.3 released

Embed video for products and banner image for category page and others.

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GsmHub Version 2.251 released

change log: -- Html syntax error in admin menu - fixed -- Issue with quantity hidden - fixed -- Issue in Quick edit imei services - fixed -- Link provided to the member profile in admin in view ticket.

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GsmHub Version 2.25 released

Change Log: -- Reset Password of user and send mail from admin panel option added. -- Provide webshop url and show the featured products in gsmhub main page. -- server api fixes for fields and quantity rule auto update.

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Webshop Version 1.2 released

Bug fixes and Grid listing in the product page

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Version 2.24 released

Change Log: -- System Summary shows error - fixed -- Set as paid does not show error and not paid - fixed -- Added Payment gateways Stripe Card Payment and Skrill.

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Version 2.23 released

Feature added to provide the reason for rejection in IMEI Accept Order Page, Google Recaptcha integration. Option for the admin to add new custom fields in registration page.

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Version 2.22 released

Major feature of adding offline payment gateways and handling service types and issue fixes.

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Version 2.21 released

Change Log: When an invoice is marked as "partially paid" manually from admin and the invoice is paid in PayPal , the amount is credited to the user twice - fixed. Other Fixes: -- ask extension for file service fixed -- Formatting applied for unlock code in view order -- validation error when Allow alphabets checked for imei services - fixed

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Version 2.20 released

Minor issues fixed. New features like accept rules before placing order. Additional features added in managing members from admin side.

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Version 2.191 released

Minor release with bug fixes.

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Version 2.19 released

Feature added to send Daily summary of user account balance in mail to admin and other bug fixes.

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Version 2.18 released

Bug Fixes and minor features are added.

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Version 2.17 Released

Bug fixes and new features added.

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Version 2.16 released

Option added to allow to set the invoices as partially paid from Admin and bug fixes

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Version 2.15 released

Option to delete User account from admin . Show the link to reply the accepted orders after accepting and other new features and bug fixes

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Version 2.14 released

Auto update the prices, fields and services from ImeiUs Server Service APIs .

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Version 2.13 released

Option in admin panel to allow only admin to activate new users. Memcache setting changes from admin. Show notification to users when new service added or closed. Option to set auto update price for server services . DCUnlocker New API Update and other bug fixes.

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Version 2.12 Released

Maintenance mode for site with admin panel working. Notification between users and admin. Place order template change. Custom content from admin for the footer.

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Version 2.11 Released

A lot of new features and bug fixes are done with this release. Paypal Express Checkout, 2 step verification with google authenticator, add selected services from api directly with ease and many others.

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Version 2.10 Released

Most wanted feature by the admins, "auto update of the service prices on change in price in the api" is implemented in version 2.10. Check the change log to get more details on the update

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Version 2.09 Released

One more most wanted feature by the users, overdraft is now available with the latest release of gsmhub version 2.09.

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Version 2.08 Released

Multiple API Connection for single service, Auto complete for service names with ID for search in service listing pages in admin and others

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Version 2.07 Release

show order rejected time, sorting services within group for display, fetch the price for ranges too when synchronising.

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Version 2.06 Released

Zopim chat integration , Profit calculation on daily basis and service basis, Quick connect the orders directly to API, Allow supplier to connect to API and many others

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Version 2.05 Release

Meta details for services and bug fixes

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Version 2.04 Release

Fetch api price and compare with the local price. Issue with duplicate imeis fixed

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Chimera Tool Api Added

Chimera Tool Api Added for All GsmHub Customers

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Furious Gold Api Added

FuriousGold is a professional mobile phone sim network unlocking device to unlock and repair mobile phones

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Auto update of cron jobs

Description of using the new feature of auto updating the cron jobs released in version 2.03

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Version 2.03 Release

Add fund with Paypal transaction id, Auto update of cron jobs, Mail settings test page

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Version 2.02 Release

Minor features and bug fixing

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Version 2.01 Release

Default Support for UDID and Serial for imei services - Added

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Configuring CDR details for admin

How to configure the CDR details from the admin panel is explained with screenshots

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Version 2.0 Release

Major version release of 2.0. Main features are Multicurrency support and CDR - Instant API notification on order completion or rejection

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